Into the Storm: Hopewell 1861
June 2-4, 2017

Into the Storm is an event that will make the daily life in the iron furnace at Hopewell come alive for a weekend. We not only hope to help interpret the site to the public, but hope to add value to the visitors’ (and our experience) by adding in other aspects of life in 1861. Participants of the event are strongly encouraged to be in first person for most of the event and will be responsible for creating impressions and characters appropriate to the time and place. There will also be opportunity for third person interpretation in pre-selected areas of the village.

The goal of this event is to have all participants have an active role and a “job” or “jobs” to do throughout the weekend. We don’t want anyone to be bored! There will be everyday-life activities, occupational activities, and social activities to participate in. We encourage all participants to research and plan their impressions well ahead of the event and to share their plans with the event organizers and the other participants. The park will work with us to help make many opportunities possible, so if you have a suggestion or a question, please contact the event organizers.